Reproduction fabrics of 1750-1950
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Delaines Vintage Fabrics Sample Book

open vintage fabric sample book
The Delaines Book

We recently purchased several vintage fabric sample books from the mid 19th century. The ledgers containing about 80 pages each are large, 13" X 20", and identified as from a bookbinder in Paris. They are titled Laines 1849--Fleurs, Persans, Geometriques, Rayures, Laine & Coton, 1843-1844--Dessins and Fantaisies and Divers 1863. The designs are generally large and the colorations are amazing!!

These books may have been compiled by one of the companies in Paris which supplied swatches of European fabrics to others in the industry. Many of the pages have not only year dates but also printers names. Most of these printers were working in the Alsace/Mulhouse region of France. Some pages are marked 'Inconnu' (unknown).

The samples within the three books are either 100% wool, 100% cotton or cotton warp with a wool weft. These wool or wool/cotton fabrics were often referred to as Delaines in England and America. A reproduction fabric line was based on this book and printed by Windham Hill /Baum Fabrics.

vintage fabric
The page above is titled--Mousseline de Laine 1849

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Delaines Books please email Margo Krager