Reproduction fabrics of 1750-1950

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Specializing in authentic reproduction cotton fabrics for costmers

Who we are

retro dress is a mail-order company that specializes in supplying authentic reproduction cotton fabrics to both costumers and quilters around the world. We have provided costume fabrics to theatres, movies, living history museums, and re-enactors.

What we can do for you

If any of your upcoming projects or events require period clothing from 1775-1950, we can help. Reproduction cotton fabrics can make authentic looking costumes for a variety of historical periods. We can advise you on which prints and dye colorations are appropriate for your project.

To help in fabric selection, we offer customized sample sets for a nominal fee or samples of specific collections. Just contact us with information about the time period, the look of your project and the yardage requirements. We will put together a customized set of fabric samples (3” squares) for your selection.

Our expertise

Margo has spent over twenty years researching, lecturing and writing about cotton printed and woven fabrics used in quilts and garments. This includes extensive library research on textiles, investigating print and dye technology developments, visiting museums all over the US and Europe, and viewing both private and public textile collections. She has appearred, author or featured topic, in a variety of publications and maintains a blog Cottonopia.

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What to do now

If you have an idea what you need for your project, browsing our website may be all you need to do to acquire fabrics for your costume project


you can contact us at 1-800-380-4611 to discuss the specifics of your production and obtain recommendations and a custom fabric sample set.