Reproduction fabrics of 1750-1950
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Margo's Finds, 1900-1930 Fabrics

Margo has spent over a decade researching cotton printed and woven fabrics used in quilts and garments. This includes extensive library research on textiles, ivestigating print and dye technology developments, visiting museums all over the US and viewing both private and public textile collections.

These are other 1900-1930 fabrics that are not contained within collections displayed in this time period. Classic simple prints,usually in two colors, in the colors of the time: black, navy or soldier blue,and reds. Some of the fabrics in Margo's Finds reflect higher end fabrics that were available early inthe 20th century--sophisticated designs in oyster, shell pink, silver, brown, champagne and tobacco. p>Notice: key letters AYG (Apparel Yard Goods); or FYG (Furnishing Yard Goods) will denote fabrics especially good (color/scale) for either dressgoods or furnishings.

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