Reproduction fabrics of 1750-1950
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Minimum 1 yd of any sale/closeout fabric.

    Fabrics - 1 yd minimum for each fabric

  • #AC113P Now $5.50/yd
    was $12.50/yd

    (6.00 yds in stock)
  • #AC113Y Now $5.50/yd
    was $12.50/yd

    (12.00 yds in stock)
  • #1SX69P Now $5.50/yd
    was $12.00/yd

    (8.00 yds in stock)
    Waverly Arabesque..Width of arabesque around the smaller center motif...6"

    This is a large pattern and only a portion shows in the image - click on picture for a larger view of this panel. Actual fabric size in the large view is 8.5" x 13"/


  • #CS953G Now $5.50/yd
    was $11.50/yd

    (4.00 yds in stock)
    Printed Twill stripe. Perfect for Trenton Tape looking binding. Colored portion 1 3/8th"
  • #MDR345M Now $5.50/yd
    was $12.00/yd

    (12.50 yds in stock)

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