Repro Notes & News -- Issue #105

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Dear Fabric Enthusiast:

Our Late Summer Sale begins now! Check out the Sale Room for new stock. We will add additional product almost every day.

The Walk In sale is Friday Aug 17 and Saturday Aug 18 from 10- 5 pm. I am doing a History of Chintz lecture early Friday evening and a hands-on Center Medallion Workshop on Saturday. It is Quilt Weekend in Bozeman with a chance to attend one of my presentations in Montana! Call to register…507-645-1447.

I am hearing frustration from customers trying to find those ‘favorite colors’ of the early 19th century. Yes…they were in very short supply at Quilt Market. We have received two important shipments recently… Paula Barnes’ Companions and Pomegranate with those strong ‘mineral’ colors plus my latest line… Divers exact in color and scale for 1863.

Happy Stitches,


Ps I have a new grandson born Aug 3…Ethan Joseph Frederick. My maiden name was Joseph.



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copyright © 2012 Margo Krager


Dagama Mills in South Africa has made a change in the Indigo fabrics they sell internationally. Their new offering, Coral Tree, is 45” wide with a more traditional ‘hand’ to the fabric. Alas…they are no longer printing the logos on the back. We still have a selection of the traditional shweshwe as well as the new Coral Tree Indigos .

After a recent workshop with Elizabeth Clark from the Sewing Academy, I am buying some fabrics with a slightly different eye…always looking for pieces that would make great garments! In the past we have carried a few light upholstery goods that have more of a furnishing fabric scale. Now when goods arrived….I will denote those prints that are very suitable for Apparel Yard Goods (AYG) as well as ones for Furnishing Yard Goods (FYG). Any of these fabrics could easily find their way into quilts as ‘scraps’!

Center Medallion Quilts can feature either a specially printed panel or a wonderful fabric piece…such as a toile or a dramatic floral. We are now offering ‘center squares’ of appropriate designs. I will be teaching a hands-on Center Medallion Workshop here in Bozeman, Saturday Aug 18, 2012. Students can use a Chintz Center Panel or an overall print for their center interest.



Annual Fabric Sale!

A announcing our annual ‘Late Summer’ beginning NOW has new items ( with more added daily) in the Sale Area do your online ordering now.

There will be even more specials for walk ins Friday and Saturday, Aug 17/18. Hours for the Late Summer sale are 10-5pm each day. Walk ins will get preference on Aug 17/18.


Happy stitching, :-)

Margo Krager